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XI science and practical conference

Polar Readings – 2023

Arctic and Antarctic: History and Anthropology of Everyday Life

November 1-3, 2023

2021 «Art exploration of the Arctic: Polar Regions in culture, art and philosophy»

Author(s) Title Abstract Presentation Video
Aksenova Sofya Valeryevna The art of A.A. Borisov through the views of contemporaries and next generations
Alekseyeva Evdokia Kimovna Images born in the Arctic: visualization and Symbolic Interpretations in the Contemporary Art of the indigenous peoples of Yakutia (on the example of the “author’s landscape” by the Yukagir artist N.N. Kurilov)
Alexandrov Evgeny Vasilyevich N.V. Pinegin. The Art of the Northern Worshipper
Barabanova Ksenia Sergeevna Figures of pioneers in the historical memory of the North of Western Siberia
Barzenin Andrey Viktorovich Ice Captain Ivan Anufriev on navigation in the Arctic seas (based on materials from the collections of the Northern Maritime Museum)
Bedina Natalia Nikolaevna Cognition of the Other as a soteriological problem in the story of N.S. Leskov «At the End of the World
Bityutskaya Alla Albertovna Arctic Symbolism in the Russian Philosophy of the Silver Age
Bogdanov Yury Vladimirovich, Sakharova Yulia Sergeevna, Eremina-Solenikova Evgeniya Vladimirovna Arctic far and near: excursion routes of St. Petersburg dedicated to the exploration and explorers of the Arctic
Bogdanova Anna Anatolyevna Arctic in the Art of Indigenous peoples: Culture and Traditions of the Nenets
Boyko Svetlana Sergeevna Vaygach Island of the 1930s in the story “Memory of the Heart” by Olga Rozhneva
Brovina Alexandra Aleksandrovna, Egorova Svetlana Lvovna The Arctic in the diaries of the microbiologist B. L. Isachenko-a participant in the ice campaigns of 1930, 1933
Burtseva Zhanna Valeryevna The Image of Arctic Yakutia in Fiction, Travel and Documentary literature: the Passage of Time and Meanings
Churakova Olga Vladimirovna “Works by the Arctic countries” – the exhibits of Michael K. Sidorova, intended to demonstrate the art and industry exhibitions 1860s – 1870s
Danilova Natalia Ksenofontovna “Cold world”: the author Yakut landscape painter Mikhail Starostin
Davydov Vladimir Nikolaevich, Davydova Elena Andreevna, Bobrova Vasilisa Vasilyevna Taste of the Arctic: culinary art and gastronomic brands
Derzhavin Viktor Leonidovich To the 400th anniversary of the Danish expedition of Jens Munch (1619–1620). A literary account of the ship’s diary of a navigator by the Canadian writer Farley Mowat
Dobzhanskaya Oksana Eduardovna, Ignatieva Tatyana Innokentyevna, Nikiforova Vera Semyonovna, Sheikin Yuri Ilyich The sounding landscape of the Arctic as a phenomenon of intonation-acoustic culture of the peoples of the North: on the issue of understanding the sound spaces of ” white silence»
Dolgova Evgeniya Andreevna The Development of the North in the Soviet animated cinema of the 1920s and 1970s
Dunaeva Svetlana Aleksandrovna Reflection of the history of the last expedition of V. Rusanov, his ideas in the novel “Two Captains” by V.A. Kaverin
Dvorkin Boris Grigorievich Multimedia project “Unknown Heroes of the North”
Edovin Alexey Gennadievich Novozemelsky labyrinth in the circle of similar monuments of the European North. Attribution and interpretation
Egorova Ekaterina Nikolaevna “Polar Explorer” by I.A. Brodsky: about the human in man
Emelina Margarita Alexandrovna “How little he has read about Polar travel”: V.Yu. Wiese and the Soviet Cult of G.Ya. Sedov
Emelina Margarita Alexandrovna The image of the icebreaker Krassin in the Soviet propaganda of the late 1920s – 1930s: myth and reality
Eremina-Solenikova Evgeniya Vladimirovna Images of the Arctic and Antarctic in Scottish counterdances
Ermolov Evgeniy Olegovich The image of the Bukhta Tikhaya (Tikhaya Bay) Polar Station in visual sources, 1929–2021
Ezhova Natalia Mikhailovna Hyperborea on the Kola Peninsula. Monetization of myths: good or bad?
Feldt Irina Nikolaevna The artistic image of the Arctic: reflection of meanings and their modeling
Fesenko Emiliya Yakovlevna The Arctic in the Russian proze of the ХХth century
Filin Pavel Anatolyevich The image of the Arctic of the future in Soviet fiction
Filippova Tatyana Petrovna Travel diary of geologist V.N. Weber about the work of the Russian-Swedish expedition on degree measurements in the polar archipelago of Svalbard in 1901
Filippova Tatyana Petrovna, Simakova Svetlana Alekseevna The development of the Arctic territories of the USSR in the 1930s–1950s: according to the pages of the memoirs of Doctor of Geographical Sciences V.V. Grechukhin
Golovnev Ivan Andreevich, Golovneva Elena Valentinovna Representation of the indigenous peoples of the North at ethnographic cinema
Goncharov Alexander Evgenievich Northward Ho! Through the ice to the Siberian Goshen. The Northern Sea Route in the British periodical press of the late XIX century.
Gorbacheva Valentina Vladimirovna Bone-cutting art of the indigenous Arctic peoples of Siberia in the collection of the Russian Ethnographic Museum
Gusev Sergey Valentinovich Artistic images of the Arctic (based on the materials of excavations of pre-Eskimo, ancient and Neo – Eskimo archaeological sites)
Guzeev Andrey Sergeevich Notes of the correspondent of the newspaper “Kaliningradskaya Pravda” V.T. Guzeev from the 3rd Antarctic Expedition 1957–1958
Ilyin Grigory Sergeevich Research of the Khibiny mountain range in the diaries of expedition participants under the leadership of Academician A.Е. Fersman
Jioshvili Elvira Aleksandrovna Images of everyday life of New Earth and grumant crafts in the memories of Karelian Pomors
Kalinin Vyacheslav Alekseevich Mangazeya – Russian civilization in the Far North
Katyshev Ivan Alexandrovich Museum of the Artistic Development of the Arctic named after A.A. Borisov. Concept of creation and implementation
Kavetskaya Vera Vyacheslavovna Antarctica in the Life, Dream, creativity and Diaries of the Captain-artist P.P. Kuyantsev
Kharitonov Alexander Mikhailovich The Arctic and the Antarctic in the works of Jules Verne
Kiselev Dmitriy Victorovich Pavel Mikhailov’s drawing from the albums of the First Russian Antarctic Expedition-an unknown image of the brig “Williams”?
Kokoulin Vladislav Gennadievich Siberia and the Arctic in the mass consciousness in Soviet times and in post-Soviet Russia
Kolpakov Fyodor Nikolaevich To the image of the city of Vorkuta in historical urbanism
Kosourova Nadezhda Romanovna “The Face of the Arctic”: Novaya Zemlya, Franz Josef Land and Severnaya Zemlya in prose by I.S. Sokolov-Mikitov
Kostrenkova Anna Vladimirovna Sensory journeys to the Arctic based on the novel “Two Captains”
Kotkin Konstantin Yakovlevich The portrait vs technique. On the question of the method of the ethnographer V. Charnolusky
Kovalenko Elena Nailevna Taimyr expeditions. How did the found artifacts change the history?
Kozneva Ekaterina Andreevna The Arctic and scientific research of the Arctic region in the works by J. Vernе (second half of the XIX – early XX centuries): representation of facts and discovery of perspectives
Kraposhin Pyotr Valentinovich A.S. Pushkin’s Lyceum comrade Fyodor Matyushkin and his participation in sea expeditions in polar latitudes
Kruglov Leonid Leonidovich “The Novaya Zemlya” Project
Kuhterin Sergey Alexeevich, Kuhterin Alexander Sergeevich Fine Art in the reconstruction of the archaeological heritage of Siberia based on the research materials of NPO “Severnaya Archeologiya-1”
Makarova Elena Ivanovna “Khibiny – the fairy-tale land of my childhood”. The Khibiny Epic of the 1930s in the memoirs of E.B. Khalezova
Maslennikova Alexandra Igorevna The National myth in the paintings of Canadian artists of the XIX–XX centuries
Melutina Marina Nikolaevna Pomorskaya devka: socio-cultural status in the traditional local community of the Summer Coast of the White Sea (according to the expedition records of N.I. Rozhdestvenskaya, 1937–1938
Mitko Arseniy Valeryevich Features of ethnoconfessional tendencies among the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North at the present stage
Neklessa Ruta Alexandrovna “Polar Explorer” named after Otto Yulievich Schmidt – the title house of the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route. The Great Stalinist style and the conquest of the North. Archive discoveries
Nerush Varvara Olegovna Understanding the Arctic in the art of the North indigenous peoples, who studied at the Institute of the Peoples of the North at 1925–1939
Orlova Alexandra Viktorovna, Tysyanyuk Maria Sergeevna, Kulyasova Antonina Alekseevna, Bobylev Nikolay Gennadyevich, Art-science about climate change in the Arctic
Orlova Olga Vladimirovna The image of the Arctic in the Visual arts of the Komi Republic in the 1950s – 2020s
Orobinskaya Daria Sergeevna Creation of feature films about the Arctic as a manifestation of the cultural diplomacy of the Cold War
Parinova Tatyana Aleksandrovna Museum of Arctic Nature of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov
Parygina Darya Vladimirovna The Image of the Arctic and Antarctic in the Diaries and Memoirs of Polar Explorers (based on the materials of the Presidential Library Foundation)
Peers Eleanor Katherine Manifestations of the Arctic in Europe and Russia: Views from the Breitfuss Collection
Penionzhek Evgeniya Vladimirovna Thirteen Seas of Russia: problems of accessibility for tourists
Pitzer Andrea Novaya Zemlya after Willem Barentsz: The mythology of “Nova Zembla” in English-language literature and journalism
Plakhtienko Olga Pavlovna Images of the Arctic, snow and ice in a modern Scandinavian novel
Pluzhnikov Nikolay Vladimirovich The Arctic in the visual arts of the XX–XXI centuries: the problem of image transmission
Plyusnin Yuri Mikhailovich Labyrinths of the Russian North
Podlubnova Yuliya Sergeevna, Tyumeneva Elizaveta Petrovna Soviet North in ego-texts Ural writers of the 1930s
Poluektova Elena Gerovna There are no random names on the map
Prokofieva Victoria Yurievna Polar Chronotope in cinema: meanings, genres, possibilities
Pryamitsyn Vladimir Nikolaevich, Bey Evgeny Vasilyevich The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Northern Fleet is a bright event in the cultural life of the Soviet Arctic
Raeva Alexandra Vladimirovna, Raev Anton Vladimirovich Local image system: identification of methodological parameters of the formation of an artistic image based on the living environment of modern northern villages
Rakachev Vadim Nikolaevich, Rakacheva Yaroslava Vladimirovna On the periphery of Glorious Deeds: the Development of the Arctic and Antarctic in school textbooks in Russia and Belarus
Rakitin Tikhon Dmitrievich XXII century of the Arctic. Underwater cities of the Arctic seas
Repnevsky Andrey Viktorovich Ilya Konstantinovich (Tyko) Vylka is an Arctic explorer, an original artist and the “President of Novaya Zemlya”
Romanenko Fyodor Alexandrovich Soviet Writers in the Arctic
Romanova Ekaterina Nazarovna, Ignatieva Wanda Borisovna Steppe Arctic: the “horse world” on the permafrost
Roshchevskaya Larisa Pavlovna, Konovalova Elena Nikiforovna, Zagorodnyuk Nadezhda Ivanovna Physical and geographical mapping of the continental Arctic of the European Northeast in the late XIX – first quarter of the XX century
Rzhevskaya Elena Aleksandrovna The creation of a modern habitat is a primary factor in the development of the Arctic and its riches (project proposals of Academician V.N. Rzhevsky)
Samosyuk Natalia Lvovna, Nikiforova Anna Anatolyevna Political discourse or the real story of the heroic. On the example of stylistic analysis of the books by E.T. Krenkel “Four Comrades” and I.D. Papanin “Life on an Ice Floe”
Savinova Valeria Anatolyevna The Aesthetics of Arctic architecture and its heuristic expression
Savomägi Katrin Some ideas of the Estonian polar art and architecture now and in the future
Senkevich Inga Eduardovna , Ushakova Maola Georgievna A study of the life and traditions of the indigenous peoples of the North based on the book by G.A. Ushakov “The Island of blizzards”
Shabalina Olga Vyacheslavovna,, Kazakova, Ksenia Sergeevna I.K. Tikhomirov’s Travel Diary as a source on the history of the organization of meteorological and hydrological observations on the island. Dixon in 1916 (based on the materials of the Museum-Archive of the Central Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
Sharova Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna Creating Art as a Participatory Practice: from the experience of the Arctic Institute of Arts
Shokin Andrey Mikhailovich “The Conquest of the Arctic” in the propaganda of the industrialization of the USSR
Shpak Georgy Vladimirovich The image of the Arctic in the instructions for navigators-pioneers. From S. Kabot to M.V. Lomonosov
Shubnitsina Elena Igorevna The image of the Circumpolar Urals in the materials of expeditions of the XIXth century
Shulgina Maria Vladimirovna Museum «Archaeological Heritage of the North and the Arctic» of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov in the space of science, education and preservation of cultural heritage
Skhubach Olga Alexandrovna Mexican bear meat and “Dream soup” with chocolate: Semiotics of the Soviet Polar cuisine of the 1920s–1930s
Smirnova Tamara Mikhailovna Northerners on the stage: artistic creativity of students of the Institute of the Peoples of the North (1930–1941)
Solomonova Alina Alekseevna “Ramper-the Man-the Beast” or “The Strange Case of Captain Ramper” (1927): The Arctic in the Cultural and Artistic Context of the 1920s
Solovyov Sergey Mikhailovich The Artistic image of Kolyma in the prose and poetry of Varlam Shalamov
Stepanova Lena Borisovna The North of Yakutia in the visual narrative of Soviet researchers (1920–1950)
Suleymanyan Andranik Hrantovich The Arctic and the existential problems of Russia and humanity
Surina Irina Pavlovna The Arctic: the image of mobility through the prism of modern needs
Sveshnikova Eleanora Vadimovna Images of the tundra and the indigenous population of the Russian Arctic in the photographic heritage of the painter D.K. Sveshnikov on the materials of the artist’s personal archive
Sychev Vitaly Ivanovich Images of Northern Russia in John Cochrane’s Notes on a Journey through Siberia
Tereshchenko Elena Yuryevna Murmansk coast in the works of artists and photographers of the XIX – early XX centuries
Timofeeva Anastasia Evgenievna The Sea space in the Russian North
Tishkov Arkady Alexandrovich The Russian Arctic as an arena of geographical discoveries of the ХХth century
Tishkov Arkady Alexandrovich, Asoyan Dolores Samuilovna Understanding the significance of geographical discoveries and images of pioneers in Antarctica
Titova Marina Vladimirovna The artistic heritage of the Arctic painter A.A. Borisov on the materials of archival sources
Tretyakova Svetlana Nikolaevna “Beyond the Arctic Circle”. Notes of a member of the Novaya Zemlya expedition 1909, A.A. Bykov
Tripolskaya Anna Aleksandrovna, Chistyakov Anton Yurievich Ornaments of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North in the modern symbolism of the Russian Arctic regions
Troshin Vitaly Alekseevich Art-therapeutic functions of Color and Light and Rhythm in the “Kingdom of White Nights and Black Days”
Tsylev Victor Rurikovich Investigation of the agency activity of the Kola North nature
Uporov Ivan Vladimirovich The dying Vorkuta in the life-giving poems of Vorkutin residents of different generations
Ustinov Kirill Alexandrovich Climate, culture, design: an artistic image of small-sized transport for the conditions of the Russian North
Voronina Anastasia Evgenievna Synesthesia of the exhibition space and shipbuilding training on the example of the shipyard of the Pomeranian Shipbuilding Association
Vrtanesyan Garegin Surenovich Arctic features of two mythological Eurasian plots
Wrigley Charlotte Mammoth futures: Fact/Fiction
Zagidulina Tatyana Andreevna The literary motif of the Arctic in aviation texts of the 20–30s of the XX century
Zakharov Viktor Georgievich When the Fog of Uncertainty lifted over the Arctic (in the footsteps of Nordenskiold’s first expedition (1878–1879)
Zamorukova Ludmila Safronova Geocultural images of the North and the Arctic in the development of the territory
Zhelnina Zoya Yuryevna Guidebooks on the Russian North as a Cultural phenomenon and a source of knowledge about historical processes (the end of the XIX and the first third of the XX century)
Zhiteneva Anna Mikhailovna What did Grishka Dudin grieve about? (epigraphic study of Cyrillic inscriptions of Anikeyev Island)