Conference organizers
The Museum and Exhibition Centre for Technical and Technological Development of the Arctic Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

PAO Sovcomflot / ZAO SMM / State Museum for the Arctic and Antarctic / St. Petersburg Committee for Arctic Affairs / Association «Maritime Heritage» / World Ocean Museum/ Branch of the World Ocean Museum in St. Petersburg - Icebreaker Krassin

The Tenth Scientific and Practical Conference

Polar Readings – 2022

International cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic: History and modernity

18-20 May 2022


Полярные чтения 2022_программа_11.05.2022

May 18 2022

9.15–9.45Registration of participants, connection of online participants
09.45–12.00Opening of the conference, plenary session
12.00–12.30Break /coffee break
12.30–14.30Section 1. History of international Arctic exploration projects
14.30–15.30Break /coffee break
15.30–17.00Section 2. History of scientific cooperation in the Polar regions
17.00–17.30Break /coffee break
17.30–19.15Section 3. International cooperation and the peoples of the North. Тhe results of the 1st day of the conference

May 19  2022

9.30–10.00Registration of participants, connection of online participants
10.00–12.15Section 4. History of international cooperation in Antarctic
12.15–12.45Break /coffee break
12.45–14.15Section 5. History of international expeditions to the Arctic
14.15–15.15Break /coffee break
15.15–17.00Section 6. Arctic cooperation projects in the field of science and culture
17.00–17.30Break /coffee break
17.30–19.30Section 7. History of military operations in the Arctic region. Тhe results of the 2nd day of the conference

May 20 2022

9.30–10.00Registration of participants, connection of online participants
10.00–12.00Section 8. History of international cooperation of organizations, studing the Arctic
12.00–12.30Break /coffee break
12.30–14.00Round table "Prospects for Arctic international cooperation between Russia and the BRICS countries"
14.00–14.30Summing up the results of the round table and conference
14.30–15.00Poster section of the interschool competition "Forgotten" expeditions. Little-known heroes of Arctic travel"
15.00–17.00A grand meeting of the Scientific Council of AARI dedicated to the Day of the Polar explorer. Furshet

The conference will be held in offline and online formats, and will be broadcast on the YouTube channel