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The Museum and Exhibition Centre for Technical and Technological Development of the Arctic
Branch of the World Ocean Museum in St. Petersburg - Icebreaker Krassin


PAO Sovcomflot / ZAO SMM / State Museum for the Arctic and Antarctic / Arctic Academy of Sciences / Association “Maritime Heritage”

Annual Scientific and Practical Conference

Polar Readings

2019: “State and Public Organisations in the Management of the Arctic: Past, Present, Future”

The International Scientific and Practical Conference “Polar Readings” is held every year at the end of April, on the eve of the Icebreaker festival on the Neva River. The world’s first Icebreaker festival took place in 2014 under the leadership of the working group responsible for organising the “Polar Readings” conference.

The theme of the Polar Readings conference changes every year. Each year’s theme is carefully chosen as to reflect the most pressing issues in the world of polar studies.

The conference’s main focus is on historical and cultural research, nevertheless, the chosen topics are not limited to these two subjects. This two-day conference brings together researchers, various specialists, and many interested listeners. All the research and presentations are published in the conference proceedings after the conference.

Several thematic exhibitions are also held during the conference.

Conference - 2019

Polar Readings 2019 focused on the history of and prospects for cooperation between state and public organisations in the management of the Arctic. This theme is extremely relevant in connection with the implementation of large-scale projects and the need to develop effective mechanisms for managing Arctic activities. The 2019 conference will turn to the rich historical experience of our country and will consider the experience of the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route (Glavsevmorput), the various Arctic committees, the state Committee and other organizations involved in Arctic management.

 The conference was held in St. Petersburg at 29-30 April 2019 on board of the Branch of the World Ocean Museum in St. Petersburg – "Icebreaker Krassin”.  “Polar Readings – 2019” will be held on the eve of the Icebreaker Festival on the River Neva.

 Historians, archives staff, museums, libraries, undergraduate and graduate students of various educational institutions, restorers, archaeologists and collectors were all invited to participate in the conference.


The conference among others focused on the following themes:

 - Activities of the various federal (administrative and scientific) institutions, committees, and commissions on the Arctic and the North (Siberian Department, Jakutskaya prikaznaya izba, the Admiralty Board, the Main Hydrographic Office, the Russian Geographical Society, the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Polar Commission, the Northern Scientific-Commercial Expedition, etc) from the 17th century to the middle of the 20th century;

- History and experience of the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route: its territorial management and various subdivisions (1932-1964);

- Experience of international organisations in the management of scientific research and development of the Arctic;

- Activities of the Commissions on Indigenous  Peoples of the North;

- Activities of the Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North (RAIPON);

- Historical experience of interaction between state and public organisations in Arctic governance;

- Prospects for cooperation between state and public organisations in the management of the Arctic on the basis of historical experience.


All the presentations will be published in the “Polar Readings’’ Conference yearly publication.

The deadline for submitting applications and abstracts (up to 500 words) is 1st December 2018. In your application, please include the title of your presentation, your coordinates (affiliations, position, academic degree, phone, fax and e-mail). Accepted abstracts will be published on "Polar Readings" website  ( Once your abstract and presentation have been accepted, the deadline for submitting your article is 1st June 2019

How to Get There?

The conference will be held at St.-Petersburg Mining University and on the board of the Icebreaker Krassin

Address: St. Petersburg, Vasilievsky Island (Vasilyevskiy ostrov), Lieutenant Schmidt's embankment, Line 21, 2 (St.Petersburg Mining University) and Line 23 (Krassin)

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