Conference organizers
The Museum and Exhibition Centre for Technical and Technological Development of the Arctic Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera)

PAO Sovcomflot / ZAO SMM / State Museum for the Arctic and Antarctic / St. Petersburg Committee for Arctic Affairs / Association «Maritime Heritage» / World Ocean Museum/ Branch of the World Ocean Museum in St. Petersburg - Icebreaker Krassin

XI science and practical conference

Polar Readings – 2023

Arctic and Antarctic: History and Anthropology of Everyday Life

November 1-3, 2023

School section 2020

Author(s) Title Abstract Presentation
Basyuk Eugene Romanovich, Supervisor: Andreeva Nadezhda Sergeevna South Shetland Islands: Russian and English-language toponymics (comparison and comparison of the volume of cartographic work done by the Lazarev-Bellingshausen expedition)
Bunda Anastasia Sergeevna, Supervisor: Kultenko Stolina Konstantinovna The Northern sea route: from the planned economy of the USSR to the investment attractiveness of the Russian Federation
Cherepovitsina Daria, Supervisor: Ostapenko Andrey Vasilievich Main stages in the development of the Arctic and Antarctic by aviation
Henny Ismail Muhammedovich, Supervisor: Kultenko Stolina Konstantinovna The Northern sea route: development within the Russian and international right field
Ivanova Karina, Supervisor: Ostapenko Andrey Vasilievich Icebreaker Lenin – a legend of Russian shipbuilding
Karasev Alexander Leonidovich, Anokhin Sergey Denisovich, Supervisor: Kuznetsov Makar Denisovich Special purpose doctor
Kultenko Valentin Petrovich, Supervisor: Minchenko Nadezhda Borisovna History of polar discoveries. Wrangel island
Uziev Nikita Ruslanovich, Supervisor: Andreeva Nadezhda Sergeevna Professor of Kazan University I.M Simonov – the only scientist of the first Russian Antarctic expedition