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Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (the Kunstkamera)

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XI science and practical conference

Polar Readings – 2023

Arctic and Antarctic: History and Anthropology of Everyday Life

17–19 May 2023 г.

2022 International cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic: History and modernity

Author(s) Title Abstract Presentation
Aleksenko Valeria Andreevna Features of international cooperation of the Republic of Karelia on the development of the North and the Arctic (from 2014 to 2022)
Alexandrov Evgeny Vasilievich The film “Feat in the ice” (“Podvig vo liodah”) 1928 in the context of the international operation to rescue the crew of the airship “Italia”
Angele Elias Antarctic International – Exchange of Scientists and Knowledge, 1953-1981
Antipov Nikolay Nikolaevich, Bagryantsev Nikolay Vasilyevich, Danilov Alexander Ivanovich, Klepikov Alexander Vyacheslavovich AARI’s participation in the international cooperation in the research of the Southern Ocean at the second half of the ХХth century
Bayankina Tatiana Mikhailovna, Sizov Anatoly Alexandrovich, Pryakhina Svetlana Fedorovna Participation of Marine Hydrophysical Institute scientists in international studies under the programs of the IGG, MGG and MGS
Benyukh Alla Hasanovna Materials dedicated to EON-18 (Special Purpose Expedition No. 18), in the fund of the Central Naval Library
Bobrova Vasilisa Vasilyevna, Goncharov Nikolay Sergeevich, Vozdigan Ksenia Mikhailovna Retrospective of inter-museum interaction: The Kunstkamera in the international space of Sibirevedenie
Boyko Ekaterina Vadimovna Scientific diplomacy as an instrument of international cooperation in the Arctic
Brovina Alexandra Alexandrovna, Egorova Svetlana Lvovna The Arctic vector in the program of the XVII International Geological Congress, 1937
Chernyakova Ruzanna Vladimirovna The legendary polar team “Metelitsa” yesterday and today. On the 55th anniversary of the oldest non-profit organization in Russia
Chistyakov Anton Yurievich Indigenous peoples in Arctic Council initiatives: partnership for sustainable development
Davydov Vladimir Nikolaevich Study of the problem of reindeer domestication: experience of international cooperation
Dvoreckaaya Anna Pavlovna To help the Norwegians: N.A. Begichev’s search expeditions
Dvorkin Boris Grigorievich Polar stations “North Pole SP-2, SP-3, SP-4” in archival documents and domestic documentaries (for the anniversary of the 1st drifting station)
Emelina Margarita Alexandrovna “… can be richly represented in this international arena of the competition of culture”: participation of the Glavsevmorput in the Paris Exhibition, 1937
Filin Pavel Anatolyevich Historical and cultural heritage of the Alaska-Siberia distillation route. Issues of study, preservation and popularization
Filippova Tatiana Petrovna The history of the Russian-Swedish expedition by degree measurements in the Svalbard archipelago of 1899-1901 in the documentary heritage of Academician F.N. Chernyshev
Golovnin Pyotr Andreevich Prince A.K. Kekuatov in Svalbard
Gornischeff Feliks Adam Johann von Krusenstern’s legacy in the exploration and research of the Arctic
Gribanova Galina Isaakovna А further development of Russian-Indian cooperation in the Arctic
Gutenev Maxim Yurievich International scientific cooperation of the Russian Federation in the field of protection of the rights, preservation of cultures and languages of Arctic ethnic groups
Guzeev Andrey Sergeevich International cooperation in the 3rd Antarctic Marine Expedition 1957-1958
Ilyin Grigory Sergeevich Contribution of foreign researchers and travelers of the XIX century to the study of the Khibiny mountain range
Iryutin Alexey Sergeevich Amphibious operation of the 12th Special Brigade of the Northern Fleet Marines in April-May 1942. Based on materials from the Branch of the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Gatchina)
Ivanov Vladimir Vladimirovich Marine Arctic research in the XXI century within the framework of international scientific projects
Kharlampyeva Nadezhda Klimovna The history of the Russian-Chinese academic meeting on Arctic topics on the example of St. Petersburg State University and the Oceanic University of China (Qingdao)
Kokoulin Vladislav Gennadievich The Civil War in the North and Northwest of Russia in the Politics of Historical Memory of Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia
Konyshev Valery Nikolaevich Foreign experts on the role of China in the Arctic
Kyzyurova Nadezhda Vyacheslavovna Scientific cooperation as a factor in the formation of the status of the Svalbard Archipelago
Lagutina Maria Lvovna BRICS’ perspectives in the Arctic
Lukin Valery Vladimirovich Domestic intercontinental flights to Antarctica are the most important factor in strengthening the political and logistical influence of our country in the international community
Lukin Valery Vladimirovich “Polar Possessions of the USSR” – lost illusions or a historical example of the expansion of Soviet Arctic territories
Lunev Roman Sergeevich Global problems of the Antarctic region and ways of their solving
Makarov Alexander Sergeevich Perspectives for international cooperation on the ice-resistant self-propelled platform “North Pole”
Makarova Elena Ivanovna History of international scientific cooperation of the Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Arctic. Past, present, future
Maslennikova Alexandra Ivanovna The Northern idea in the discourse of the Anglo-Canadian elite in Canada of the XIX–XX centuries
Mironichev Evgeny Pavlovich The role of Kandalaksha in the plans of the German command in 1941
Mitko Arseniy Valerievich, Sidorov Vladimir Konstantinovich The main directions of international cooperation in the Arctic region
Parygina Darya Vladimirovna International Polar Year: origins, expeditions, results (based on the materials of the Presidential Library Fund)
Pashkova Tatiana Efimovna, Benzik Alexander Nikolaevich The role of ICES in the formation and development of international cooperation of PINRO
Pavlov Stepan Stepanovich Arctic international cooperation in science and education
Peresadilo Ruslan Vasilyevich The formation of Russia’s economic policy and the economic activity of Norwegians in the Russian North in the XIX century
Polikarpov Pavel Vladimirovich, Artamonov Yuri Vladimirovich, Skripaleva Elena Aleksandrovna Oceanological research of the Marine Hydrophysical Institute in Antarctic
Portsel Alexander Konstantinovich Norwegian military actions in Svalbard during World War II
Poselov Viktor Antonovich Preliminary conclusion of the Subcommittee on the results of consideration of the Submission of the Russian Federation on the establishment of the outer limit of the continental shelf of the Russian Federation in the Arctic Ocean
Pryamitsyn Vladimir Nikolaevich, Bey Evgeny Vasilyevich International cooperation of military hydrometeorologists of the countries of the Anti-Hitler Coalition in the Arctic during the Second World War
Repnevsky Andrey Viktorovich Cooperation of the Soviet authorities and the Norwegian Consulate in Arkhangelsk in ensuring the export of forest products from the ports of the White Sea (20-30s of the ХХth century)
Romanenko Fyodor Alexandrovich Scandinavian, Icelandic and Faroese travelers in the Russian Arctic in the XIX–XX centuries
Savinov Mikhail Avinirovich The flight of Soviet pilots across the South Pole to the American McMurdo station in 1958 (according to the documents of the СGANTD SPb)
Savinova Valeria Anatolyevna A significance of the first International Polar Year for the development of the architecture of research stations
Sergunin Alexander Anatolyevich Problems of implementation of the Agreement on Strengthening International Arctic Scientific Cooperation 2017: Russian approach
Shrader Tatiana Alekseevna A review of Northern topics in 12 volumes of the publication “Scandinavian Readings”. Ethnographic and cultural-historical aspects (1997-2016)
Shumkin Vladimir Yakovlevich Mutually beneficial scientific cooperation of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of Kola archeology
Sirina Anna Anatolyevna Australian Ornithological expedition to the lower Lena
Smolyanitsky Vasily Markovich World Meteorological Organization – modern activities in the Рolar regions
Sychev Vitaly Ivanovich Following in the footsteps of writer Viktor Konetsky in the Arctic with examples from international and domestic projects
Teryukov Alexander Ivanovich Admiral Jаn-Batiste de Traversay and the problem of the Northern Sea Route
Tishkov Arkady Alexandrovich, Belonovskaya Elena Anatolyevna International scientific cooperation in the Russian Arctic as an element of modern public diplomacy. To the 160th anniversary of F. Nansen
Tretyakova Svetlana Nikolaevna Academicians and Pomors on Svalbard: on the History of the Russian-Swedish Degree Expedition of 1899-1901
Troshichev Oleg Alexandrovich Magnetic activity in the polar cap as an indicator of space weather – history of the РС index
Troshina Tatiana Igorevna Risks for Russia of international cooperation in the Arctic in conditions of political and economic instability: a historical excursion
Van Yasin Scientific cooperation of the BRICS countries in the Arctic
Verba Mark Leonidovich, Verba Valentina Vasilyevna, Trofimov Viktor Alexandrovich The plan of drift to the North Pole of the international expedition on the icebreaker “Leonid Krasin”
Vladimirov Mikhail Sergeevich The Internationalization of the Northern Sea Route
Voitekhovsky Yuri Leonidovich А good example of the development of international tourism on the Kola Peninsula and the border territory of Finland and Norway
Zakharov Viktor Georgievich Joint Russian-Australian and Russian-Chinese work on the study of the glacial cover on the lower section of the sledge-tracked track art. Progress – East Station (Prudes Bay, East Antarctica)
Zaretskaya Oksana Valeryevna, Shagin Mikhail Sergeevich Participation of the Netherlands in international scientific and educational Arctic projects