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XI science and practical conference

Polar Readings – 2023

Arctic and Antarctic: History and Anthropology of Everyday Life

November 1-3, 2023

2020 «History of science research in the Arctic and the Antarctic»

Information letter 2020 Materials 2020

Author(s) Title Abstract Presentation Video
Agafonov Dmitry Sergeevich «Scientific and technical projects in the period of the defense of the Soviet Arctic (based on the materials of the Russian State Archive of socio-political history)»
Agafonova Svetlana Andreevna, Vasilenko Alexander Nikolaevich, Korpushenkov Ivan Aleksandrovich, Magritsky Dmitry Vladimirovich, Frolova Natalia Leonidovna «History of research on the ice-thermal regime of Russian Arctic rivers in the XX and XXI centuries»
Alfei Pier Paolo «The Russian contribution to the Norge airship expedition (1926). Reflections based upon Italian and Norwegian archive sources»
Andrienko Vladimir Grigoryevich «Sailing and steam expedition vessels for Antarctic research (late XIX – early XX centuries)»
Antonovskaya Galina Nikolaevna, Konechnaya Yana Viktorovna «Achievement of the Arkhangelsk seismic network to the history of seismology at the Arctic»
Arkachaa Tayana, Kati Lindström «Who wants the krill “schnitzel”? Researching and using krill in Soviet Union and Japan»
Ashik Igor Mikhailovich Scientific research of AARI’ scientists
Asoyan Dolores Samvelovna, Kotlyakov Vladimir Michailovich, Tishkov Arkady Aleksandrovich «Approaches to assessing the significance of Russian geographical discoveries of the twentieth century in the Arctic and Antarctic»
Barzenin Andrey Viktorovich «Pioneers in Antarctica»
Bashmakova Elena Petrovna «The Arctic in research at the Institute of economic problems: 30 years of scientific research»
Bayankina Tatyana Mikhailovna, Sizov Anatoli Aleksandrovich, Pryakhina Svetlana Fyodorovna «History of MGI participation in Arctic and Antarctic research in the XX and XXI centuries»
Bendin Sergey Vladimirovich «Historical significance of aerostatic systems for the development of polar air transport infrastructure»
Bertosh Andrey Aleksandrovich «Features of work on identification and study of historical and cultural monuments of the Kola North in the first half of the XX century»
Bey Eugene Vasilievich «Features of scientific support of military security of the Soviet sector of the Arctic in the first years of the cold war»
Borovichev Eugene Aleksandrovich, Koroleva Natalia Evgenievna, Kozhin Mikhail Nikolaevich «Little-known pages of the history of Botanical research in the Murmansk region»
Brovina Alexandra Alexandrovna, Egorova Svetlana Lvovna «Expedition diaries of academician B.L. Isachenko about Arctic research at the 1930s»
Bryksenkov Andrey Alexandrovich «History of hydrometeorological activity in the Arctic: main stages»
Buslovich Darya Sergeevna «Scientific development of the Arctic territories of the USSR through the prism of artistic cinematography of the Cold war period»
Chikin Leonid Anatolievich «The first Arctic ports of the White sea»
Chistyakov Anton Yurievich «Scientific support for the development of reindeer herding farms in the Far North of the USSR in the 1930s»
Churakova Olga Vladimirovna «Scientific activities of the Committee for assistance to the Pomors of the Russian North (based on reports, journals of the CPP meetings and notes by Leonid Breitfuss)»
Churkin Sergey Borisovich, Parinova Tatyana Aleksandrovna «In the Arctic footsteps of Leonid Frantsevich Grinevetsky – who worked for the benefit of science»
Davydov Ruslan Alexandrovich Publications of the doctor Nikolai Pavlovich Andreev about the voyages of Russian military schooners off the coast of Murmansk and Norway in the early 1880s and his meteorological and hydrological observations
Denisenko Stanislav Grigorievich, Smirnov Alexey Vladimirovich Studies of bottom ecosystems performed by the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Arctic seas
Didenko Igor Pavlovich, Smyaglikova Elena Albertovna GUMRF marine expedition to Antarctica: a trip on the yacht “Elizabeth”
Dukalskaya Maria Vasilievna Participation of the employees of the Arctic Institute in the creation of the Arctic Museum
Elizavetinskaya Anastasia Evgenievna Path of the polar scientist (on the example of biographies of researchers who devoted their lives to work at the Arctic and Antarctic research Institute, 1940–2010
Emelina Margarita Alexandrovna Activities of the Moscow branch of the Arctic research Institute (1941-1961)
Ermolov Evgeny Olegovich International geophysical year as a tool for comprehensive study of the Arctic by the Soviet Union, on the example of the Franz Josef Land archipelago
Evseeva Yulia Vladimirovna Popularization of knowledge about the Arctic: history and Ethnography (based on the collection of postcards of the XX century from the collection of the GMI of Saint Petersburg)
Filin Pavel Anatolievich Unusual details of planning an expedition to the North Pole in 1937
Filippova Tatyana Petrovna Documents of the Russian State Historical Archive about the first geological expedition to the Pechora region
Filippova Tatyana Petrovna, Simakova Svetlana Alekseevna The history of the formation of geophysical research of the Pechora coal basin based on the memoirs of a repressed scientist, doctor of science V.V. Grechukhin
Frishman Nikolai Igorevich, Rybakov Yuri Nikolaevich, Diordiev Denis Eduardovich Geological Park on the territory of North Karelia. Illusions or reality
Frolov Valentin Vasilyevich The role of military topographers in the study and development of polar regions
Gagaev Sergey Yurievich, Anisimova Natalia Alexandrovna, Denisenko Stanislav Grigorievich, Frolova Elena Alexandrovna, Sikorsky Andrey Vladimirovich Polychaete worms (Polychaeta) as a bioindicator of long-term climate changes in the Arctic»
Galaida Ivan Igorevich Prospects for three-dimensional modeling in various areas of Arctic research
Galeev Sergey Abramovich, Peryshkova Sophia Dmitrievna Conservation through development. Preservation of cultural heritage and business
Gavrilo Maria Vladislavovna, Goryashko Alexandra Alexandrovna “I’m used to working alone in the Arctic”. Nina Petrovna Demme – polar Explorer and ornithologist
Gavrilo Maria Vladislavovna, Chichaev Alexander Nikolaevich, Krutikova Natalia Borisovna The Open ocean project» is a five-year contribution to the study of the natural and cultural heritage of the Arctic»
Gavrilo Maria Vladislavovna, Potapov E. R. Notes on the history of ornithology in the Russian Arctic»
Gecht Anton Borisovich, Tsverianashvily Ivan Alexeevich Swedish Arctic expeditions of the XIX-XX centuries and their contribution to the study of the Arctic
Golovnev Andrey Vladimirovich History of ethnological research at the Arctic: main milestones and prospects
Golovnin Petr Andreevich «Arctic Explorer and philanthropist Mikhail Sidorov»
Gornyy Viktor Ivanovich, Kalinina Irina Kapitonovna Solovki – the cradle of Russian mining
Grebelnyi Sergey Dmitrievich, Gagaev Sergey Yurievich, Sirenko Boris Ivanovich The current state of study of the marine bottom fauna of Franz Josef Land and the first observations on the influence of climate fluctuations on the distribution of benthic communities in this little-studied Arctic region
Handozhko Roman Soviet assistance to Antarctic research in the Eastern bloc and its political goals in the Cold war
Hrebtov Nikita Andreevich Expedition of 1819 by Lieutenant Andrey Petrovich Lazarev to the Novaya Zemlya archipelago
Ivanova Medea Vladimirovna, Shabalina Olga Vyacheslavovna Institute of higher education as a tool for ensuring Russia’s dominance in the Arctic region
Kalashnikova Angelina Anatolyevna The first years of the Lensky ostrog: development of the newly annexed territories of Siberia in the XVII century
Kamasheva Nadezhda Vyacheslavovna Scientific tourism of an expeditionary nature as a basis for strengthening international relations in the Arctic
Kaminsky Valery Dmitrievich, Gusev Eugene Anatolyevich The main milestones of exploration in the Arctic and Antarctic
Karelin Vladimir Anatolievich The last expedition of the Admiral (to the history of the Northern sea route during the revolution and Civil war: the project of B.A. Vilkitsky, cooperators and prof. Brock (1920)
Kazanin Gennady Semenovich, Zayats Igor Vladimirovich, Vasiliev Alexander Ivanovich, Trofimov Viktor Aleksandrovich Marine geophysical studies of the” Marine Arctic exploration expedition” (“MAGE”) on the Ross sea shelf and the Weddell sea shelf, 1986-1990, 32-35 SAE
Kessel Sergey Arkadyevich A brief history of high-latitude air expeditions “North” and drifting stations “North pole”
Kharitonov Alexander Mikhailovich On the image of polar regions on maps of the middle ages and the beginning of modern times
Kiselev Dmitry Viktorovich “Midwife of the ice drift”: about the project of G.D. Krasinsky on artificial acceleration of destruction and removal of ice from the mouths of rivers and navigable straits of the Arctic (1944)
Kolovangina Marina Mikhailovna From the history of scientific research expeditions on the coast of the Yugorskiy Strait in 1932–1941
Korneev Oleg Yurievich, Leonov Andrey Olegovich The role of the Russian Navy for Oceanographic research of the Arctic ocean in 1725–2018
Korolkova Lyudmila Valentinovna Z.P. Malinovskaya and her scientific activity on studying and popularizing the history of Arctic and Northern sea route development
Kotkin Konstantin Yakovlevich “Combining science”: research topics of Ethnography of the 1920s-1930s in the Arctic (based on publications and archival materials by V. Charnolusky)
Krasnikova Olga Alexandrovna Polar Commission of the Academy of Sciences and saving archives of Arctic figures in the first third of the XXth century
Kuhterin Sergey, Skorobogatova Anna Yurievna New finds of traditional wooden river vessels in the middle reaches of the Ob river basin of KHMAO-Yugra
Kurbatova Lubov Evgenievna Deep-water mosses in Antarctic lakes: the history of the discovery, the results of the study
Kuznetsov Nikita Anatolievich To the biography of Sergey Dmitrievich Lappo (1895–1972)
Laius Julia Alexandrovna International relations of AARI in the 1930s-1970s
Lazarev Alexey Vladimirovich The historical continuity of air transport platforms “Aerosmena” in the Arctic
Lvova Margarita Vladimirovna, Tarabukin Ivan Alekseevich The history and the prospects for using modern radars in the study of microphysical parameters of clouds and precipitation in Antarctica
Magritsky Dmitry Vladimirovich, Frolova Natalia Leonidovna, Povalishnikova Elena Stepanovna History, main directions and stages of studying the flow and water regime of rivers in the Arctic zone of Russia in the XX century and the beginning of the XXI century
Makarov Alexander Sergeevich Results and prospects of research of the earth’s polar regions: 100 years’ anniversary of AARI
Makarova Elena Ivanovna From the experience of popularizing scientific knowledge about the Arctic: a scientific legacy on the history of research in the Kola North in the scientific archive of the FITC KNC RAS (1930-2020)
Malakhov Mikhail Grigorievich Questions of human survival in extreme conditions of the high-latitude Arctic. To the anniversary of the expedition “Malakhov-Weber-1995”
Martynova Elena Petrovna, Pivneva Elena Anatolyevna The Ostyak or Samoyed? The indigenous population of the Nadym river in the works of researchers of the XVIII-XX centuries
Matishov Gennady Grigoryevich World trends in the study of the Arctic ocean (climate, fisheries Oceanography, radioactivity)
Megorsky Vladimir Vladimirovich History of the Arctic medicine
Mikhailov Iosiph Sergeevich, Mikhailov Sergey Iosiphovich History of soil research and soil maps of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation
Minina Marina Vissarionovna, Mitko Arseniy Valerievich, Mitko Valery Bronislavovich Historical relationship between Russian and French Maritime strategies in the Arctic and Antarctic
Mozgovoy Sergey Alexandrovich Reflection of the Antarctic explorations in the mail and philately
Nerovny Artem Viktorovich Sir Ernest Shackleton in the expeditionary force in Northern Russia: the contribution of a polar Explorer to the Northern “Russian” campaign
Neyelov Alexey Vadimovich, Giginyak Yuri Grigoryevich, Melnikov Igor Alekseevich, Smirnov Igor Sergeevich History of research on Antarctic coastal marine ecosystems
Nikonov Sergey Alexandrovich Prospects for economic development of the Svalbard archipelago in the estimates of the Arkhangelsk merchants at the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries
Nimaev Alexey Anatolievich A.V. Kolchak’s research activity and its significance for modern Russia
Obrucheva Tatyana Sergeevna, Abrosimova Ekaterina Klavdievna The use of new technology in research of the Arctic. S.V. Obruchev’s expeditions 1932–1935
Osedach Anastasia Grigorievna The study of the northern territories of Russia by professor A.A. Chernov in the 1920s and 1930s
Parigina Darya Vladimirovna Outstanding researchers of the Arctic and Antarctic (based on the materials of the Presidential library Fund)
Pashkova Tatyana Efimovna, Pestrikova Larisa Ivanovna, Benzik Alexander Nikolaevich Fisheries investigations of PINRO at the Arctic
Peresadilo Ruslan Vasilyevich Studying the experience of regulating demographic processes in the Nordic countries
Piskun Lydia Pavlovna, Solodchenko Vladimir Semenovich History of legal regulation of the Northern Sea Route
Pryamitsyn Vladimir Nikolaevich An interdepartmental approach to the study of the Arctic (by the example of field work of the hydrographic ships Prisma and Boirep in the spring of 1959)
Rabkin Sergei Vladimirovich History of the Russian Arctic development in the XX century: security as an institutional criterion for development
Repnevsky Andrey Viktorovich Saving the polar expedition of Umberto Nobile on the pages of the Arkhangelsk provincial newspaper “Volna”
Romanenko Fyodor Alexandrovich, Ezhova Natalia Mihailovna Mining enterprises in the Arctic in the 1920s and 1950s
Romanenko Fyodor Alexandrovich, Kharchenko Sergey Vladimirovich History of geomorphological mapping of the Arctic
Ryabkova Olga Viktorovna Kara scientific and fishing expedition of the People’s Commissariat of the fishing industry of the USSR in 1944 in the Yamalo-Nenets national district
Ryaslov Roman Petrovich, Kuznetsov Anatoly Dmitrievich Using polar station drift data to identify meteorological patterns and create animations on a three-dimensional model of the Earth
Saburov Alexander Alekseevich Personnel support for Soviet Arctic research in the 1920s
Saburov Alexander Alekseevich Arctic Aloating University – development of traditions of practice-oriented training of personnel for the Arctic
Safronova Tatyana Vladimirovna To the issue of studying the flora of Golden algae in freshwater reservoirs of Antarctica
Savinov Mikhail Avinirovich To the history of the Soviet Antarctic program: planning for Soviet Antarctic research in the USSR at the mid-1950s
Savomägi Katrin The challenges of Polar Expeditions for the schoolchildren
Seleznev Alexander Alexandrovich “SHAVRUSHKA” – amphibious aircraft – naval aircraft ice reconnaissance
Sergunin Alexander Anatolievich, Bobylev Nikolai Gennadievich, Tynkkynen Veli-Pekka Using the experience of the Nordic countries to develop strategies for sustainable environmental development of Russian Arctic cities
Shabalina Olga Vyacheslavovna, Kazakova Ksenia Initiative projects of researchers of the Kola Peninsula of the second half of the XIX – early XX centurie
Sigida Vladimir Ivanovich, Grigoriev Nikolay Nikolayevich, Latukhov Sergey Vasilievich Northern Sea Route – the story with a continuation
Sirina Anna Anatolyevna Knight of the polar rivers: Ivan Fyodorovich Molodykh
Slichenok Mikhail Yurievich The first Russian scientific high-latitude Arctic expedition
Smirnov Alexey Vladimirovich, Denisenko Stanislav Grigorievich Study of the bottom fauna of invertebrate seas of the Russian Arctic and the Central Arctic basin by domestic researchers in the XVIII – first half of the XX centuries
Smirnova Svetlana Viktorovna Study of freshwater blue-green algae of Antarctica
Sokolova Vera Evgenievna, Ryzhov Ivan Vladimirovich History of marine expeditions of the Arctic Institute in the 30-40s of the twentieth century
Solovyov Sergey Mikhailovich Studying the history of Arctic convoys in the USSR and post-Soviet Russia: “white spots” and new trends
Spiridonov Vasily Albertovich Half-closed pages? Russian and Soviet marine biological research in the southern ocean: from Bellingshausen to the 1980s
Sychev Vitaly Ivanovich V.M. Pasetsky – employee of the Arctic Research Institute in 1949–1970 (to the 100th anniversary of the birth of the historian of science and the institute)
Sychev Vitaly Ivanovich The first Islands seen by F.F. Bellingshausen and M.P. Lazarev in 1819–1820: the history of discovery, renaming, and ownership
Thiede Jörn The History of the Arctic Ocean Sea Ice Cover and the Interaction of the Arctic Ocean with its Eurasian Hinterland
Titova Marina Vladimirovna Formation and broadcasting of the idea of the Arctic as a way to popularize scientific knowledge about the Arctic territories (based on interviews with Arctic researchers)
Tretyakova Svetlana Nikolaevna Participation of military vessels in the study of the seas of the North-Western part of the Arctic ocean at the end of the XIX century (on the example of the schooner Bakan)
Unru Sofia Alexandrovna Female shamanism of the Arctic peoples in the works of domestic researchers
Vasilyeva Vera Nikolaevna, Lobchenko Lyudmila Nikolaevna Sociological studies of the development of the education system and its impact on the development of the Arctic economy in the present time
Vizgalov Georgy Petrovich, Lysenko Daniil Nikolayevich, Stepanov Nikolai Results of archaeological research in the North of the Taimyr peninsula, conducted in the period 2016-2019
Vlasova Tatyana Kuzminichna, Petrov A.N., Volkov Sergey Gennadievich International initiative for monitoring the sustainability of the Arctic: on the way of development within the framework of circumpolar cooperation
Voznesenskaya Varvara Sergeevna History of research of thermal runoff of rivers in Russia and the world
Zainetdinov Bulat Gayanovich, Mikhailovsky Yuri Pavlovich, Sokolenko Ludmila Gennadievna, Sterhov Pavel Leontievich Ground and aircraft studies of the electrical characteristics of the atmosphere in the Soviet and Russian Arctic. Past, present, future
Zakharov Viktor Georgievich Surges of glaciers of Antarctic and character of drift of large Antarctic icebergs under in influence of resonance of lunar-solar tides and wave of cyclonic activity 1988-1989
Zaozersky Daniil Sergeevich A.A. Svirin’s expedition to Novaya Zemlya in 1911
Zaretskaya Oksana Valerievna International scientific and educational projects as tools for implementing the Arctic strategy of the Kingdom of Denmark in 2011–2020
Zmeeva Olga Vasilievna Geologist, historian, ethnographer: A.E. Fersman in Khibiny (on the 100th anniversary of the academician’s first trip to the Kola Peninsula)
Zvyagin Sergei Aleksandrovich Maritime heritage of the Russian North: semantic content and heuristic potential of the concept