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The Museum and Exhibition Centre for Technical and Technological Development of the Arctic Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

PAO Sovcomflot / ZAO SMM / State Museum for the Arctic and Antarctic / St. Petersburg Committee for Arctic Affairs / Association «Maritime Heritage» / World Ocean Museum/ Branch of the World Ocean Museum in St. Petersburg - Icebreaker Krassin

The Tenth Scientific and Practical Conference

Polar Readings – 2022

International cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic: History and modernity

18-20 May 2022

2019 «State and public organisations in the management of the Arctic: past, present, future»

Information letter 2019 Program Resolution Materials 2019

“Polar Readings – 2019” focused on the history of and prospects for cooperation between state and public organisations in the management of the Arctic. This theme is extremely relevant in connection with the implementation of large-scale projects and the need to develop effective mechanisms for managing Arctic activities. The 2019 conference will turn to the rich historical experience of our country and will consider the experience of the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route (Glavsevmorput), the various Arctic committees, the state Committee and other organizations involved in Arctic management.