Conference organizers
The Museum and Exhibition Centre for Technical and Technological Development of the Arctic Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
Branch of the World Ocean Museum in St. Petersburg - Icebreaker Krassin

PAO Sovcomflot / ZAO SMM / State Museum for the Arctic and Antarctic / Arctic Academy of Sciences / Association «Maritime Heritage»

The Ninth Scientific and Practical Conference


Art exploration of the Arctic: Polar Regions in culture, art and philosophy

The International Scientific and Practical Conference “Polar Readings” is held every year on the eve of the Icebreaker festival on the Neva River. The world’s first Icebreaker festival took place in 2014 under the leadership of the working group responsible for organising the “Polar Readings” conference.

The theme of the Polar Readings conference changes every year. Each year’s theme is carefully chosen as to reflect the most pressing issues in the world of polar studies.

The conference’s main focus is on historical and cultural research, nevertheless, the chosen topics are not limited to these two subjects. This two-day conference brings together researchers, various specialists, and many interested listeners. All the research and presentations are published in the conference proceedings after the conference. Several thematic exhibitions are also held during the conference.


The next Polar readings (2021) will be devoted to the issues of artistic and philosophical understanding of the Arctic and Antarctic, identifying and forming the meanings that characterize and shape our understanding of the Polar regions.

Specialists, researchers of the Arctic and Antarctic from research institutes, archives, museums, libraries, representatives of state and public organizations are invited to participate in the conference.

In this regard, on May 18-19, 2021 on the eve of Russian Polar Explorer’s Day (May 21) in St. Petersburg on the basis of the Arctic and Antarctic research Institute will be held the next “Polar readings”.

Conference organizers

The conference is hosted jointly by the Museum and Exhibition Center for Technical and Technological Development of the Arctic (Arctic Museum and Exhibition Center) and the State Scientific Center “Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.”

Conference partners

  • St. Petersburg Arctic Affairs Committee;
  • Branch of the Museum of the World Ocean in St. Petersburg – “Icebreaker Krasin “;
  • Russian State Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic;
  • Maritime Heritage Association;
  • PJSC Sovcomflot;
  • ZAO “SMM”.

The following areas expected for the conference:

    • The Arctic and Antarctic in fiction, painting, theater, music and film.
    • Philosophical understanding of the Arctic.
    • The art image of the Arctic depending on the time and country, the dynamics of meanings and images.
    • The image of the Arctic and Antarctic through the diaries and memoirs of polar explorers, scientists and travelers.
    • The Arctic in the art of indigenous peoples (from the stone age to the present day).
    • Polar regions in science fiction. Evolution of the image of “The Arctic of the future”.
    • Mythology of the Arctic and Antarctic.
    • Museum dimension of the Arctic and Antarctic.
    • Historical cartography of the Polar regions.
    • Art collections on the history of the development of the Polar regions.
    • Arctic and Antarctic in the media, projects to promote knowledge about the Polar regions.
    • The Arctic and Antarctic in journalism.
    • Arctic and Antarctic in philately, philocarty, faleristics and numismatics.
    • The Arctic and Antarctic in photography.
    • Discussion: pseudoscientific concepts related to the Arctic and Antarctic: the reasons for their appearance, the reasons for interest in them, and what to do about it?
    • Discussion: artistic image and ontology of the Arctic of the future.

    Based on the materials of the conference, the publication of the collection is planned.

The deadline for submitting applications for participation and abstracts (up to 500 words) is until March 1, 2021. In the application for participation in the conference, please include the title of the report, your coordinates (place of work, position, academic degree and title, phone, fax, and e-mail). Abstracts will be published on the Polar Readings website. With the application and abstracts, the manuscripts are accepted for publication. The final submission deadline is June 1, 2021

How to get there?

The conference will be held at the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

St. Petersburg, 38 Bering str.


Filin Pavel Anatolievich

Emelina Margarita Alexandrovna

Savinov Mikhail Avinirovich



Requirements for Submitting Articles

Papers are accepted prior to each year’s conference. The application for participation in the conference, please include the name of the report.Texts of the reports up to 15 pages in Word, font Times New Roman, size 12, interval 1,5. Black-and-white photographs, drawings, charts in JPEG format (minimum 300 dpi), no more than 5 fig.; with a legend under each figure; within the text should be indicated by reference to the fig., eg. (photo 1). Links and references are made using footnotes.

Abstract: should be no more than 300 words and translated into English. It should also include title of the article, the author's data, abstract and keywords.

Acceptance is contingent on the final article meeting peer-review standards and, with regards to consistency with the themes outlined in the submitted abstract, and the organising committee approval of the article. Examples of accepted publications from previous conferences can be found here.